Paul Camilleri (Founder and chief Innovator) a serial inventor decided to re-enter the renewable energy market believing the best route to base load 24/7 energy was from the power of water, which per cubic metre has more potential for energy creation than wind or sun. This is not only more predictable it also has commercial viability.

Here the quest started to import turbines into the Australia market, however, after an 18 month search it became apparent that the current Water Turbines were not technically efficient or commercially viable. Basically, all existing designs were a form of wind mill that had been placed under water where most of the water, and energy,  was passing went straight through the turbine, uncaptured.

Paul desired a Turbine that could produce energy that was technically and commercially viable without the need for additional subsides that energised the largest body of water movement being that of low flow volume.

Hence, the development of Kinectic’s Hydro Electric Generator (HEG), the new revolutionary spiral design turbine blade providing twice the blade surface area in full contact with the water, coupling this with a specific Ventura funnel shroud produced mechanical energy never before though possible due to everyone believing Betz theory was it.

Then came the power take off using existing systems of pistons and clutches of belt drives however lost efficiencies meant a significant amount of the mechanical power was lost.

The quest was then on to invent a Integrated Power Module (IPM) that would sit around the Turbine using the very latest powerful rare earth magnets and coils: the result being no moving parts and an energy capture level of up to 96%. With cut in speeds of 0.5 metres per second of water velocity up to 5 metre per second all controlled electronically for cut in and cut out speed, there  is no longer the need for clutches and breaks.

Think the efficiency of acceleration of an electric car such as Tesla to that of a Ford.

This innovation has resulted in the world’s first technically and commercially viable water turbine which accelerates the possibilities of sustainable development market for power generation where ever water is moving.

Hydro Dams around the world have one of the greatest untapped sources of power ,the Tail Race Canals. Now Hydro projects Dams around the world can maximise their assets in conjunction with Kinetic.