8things about Basic things web designers should keep in mind by psycketom

  1. Navigation #links are always different from content links, with that I mean — you have to style content links too.
  2. Not every client knows about lists and forms, but programmers do! Providing styles for #forms, #lists and every other not often, but still used elements is a must!
  3. Please, group elements! Easier to slice #mockup after!
  4. I've seen designs with elements which cannot have their desired functionality predicted. Therefore, please, explain what for there is this lorem ipsum dolor sit amet next to first navigation link.
  5. Technology wise, clients aren't as picky as coders are! Not always...
  6. Forget about anti-aliased fonts in your design, there is no way to achieve those effects when developing sites. There are some clients who notice this little change and aren't satisfied with the result. #OS'es got their own built in anti-aliasing features
  7. Comments next to very detailed elements can come in handy...
  8. Be creative! When working with single-minded clients, learn to forget about your starting idea! Two totally different designs should give the client an opportunity to choose, therefore, give you more #cash for the #effort... at least I think so.


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